The Ultimate Guide to America by 3 Famous Travellers

America has always been a coveted destination by travellers, mainly because each area has something unique to offer. Some of the most famous travellers, whom we all admire, have explored and written about the greatest places in America, and it’s those writings that gave us the inspiration for this article. Here’s the ultimate guide to travelling America, from the people who did it best.

image credit: Devin Smith on Flickr

Jack Kerouac

The beat poet, author and traveller Jack Kerouac is probably best known for his journeys across America, which were documented in the book ‘On The Road’. Right at the beginning of the book, main character Sal meets the ‘excited with life’ Dean Moriarty, who both decide to take a trip to San Francisco. The pair are looking for a way to leave their normal hustle and bustle behind, which is the reason so many travellers pack up and head off. With just $50 to his name, Sal hitchhikes across America to reach his destination. If you want to experience the USA just like Kerouac did then consider overnight buses, a giant backpack of essentials and cheap hotels in San Francisco. If you’re anything like this hardened traveller, you may never want to return to normality again.

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