Illegal for Unmarried Couples to Live Together in Florida Explored

Unmarried couples living together represent a total of 4.85 million in the United States. However technically in Florida as well as Mississippi and Michigan,it is illegal for unmarried couples to live together (cohabitation). It’s defined as two or more people in an intimate relationship living together or sharing a domestic life but are not married. Nonetheless last year 550,000 unmarried couples in Florida filled out a census form indicating that they live together although they are unmarried.


The law has been in action since the 1800’s. It has hardly been enforced, with very few examples aside from a Jacksonville man being arrested for adultery in 2006, when his wife took advantage of the law and had him arrested for cheating, although full details of the case are still unclear.

As we usually find throughout history, there comes a time when we realise that things that may have made sense at that time, no longer do in the present. However no one has tried to revoke the law till now. 

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