Calaguas: Paradise Beach Camp South of Manila


Only six hours away by bus from Manila, you can reach the town of Daet, Camarines Norte’s capital and considered to be the gateway of Bicol region. Just a few years back, Camarines Norte was not very popular, it was even a bit sleepy being away from the well-known tourist track. It was not until more and more backpackers and travelers opted for the off-beaten track that a paradise island off the coast of Camarines Norte was re-discovered.

Calaguas is a small island with creamy white sand that can compete with the more popular Boracay Island. This paradise island charmed many tourist and travels locally and internationally with its super fine white sand and lovely turquoise waters.  Continue reading

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Leaving for Long Term Travel in Australia

Long term travel in any country is rewarding, but particularly in Australia. There is no country quite like it; with vast swathes of empty wasteland dominating most of the continent, the cities cling to the oceans like a lifeline. Only a few brave souls dare to live in the deserts of the middle of Australia, which means traversing that area is difficult. Besides that, there are several other considerations to think about before departing.

long term travel

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Do you have enough money?

The Australian dollar holds a lot of power. Travelers from other countries will find it quite expensive to live there for any length of time, even on a budget. With that said, calculate your daily expenses, the cost of housing, and the cost of travel. Don’t forget to include VISA costs. Ensuring you have enough money to live and flourish within the country while you are there is essential; it would be a very bad thing indeed to run out of cash halfway through.

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Must Do in Rio: Paragliding

Brazil is considered as one of the hottest destinations for travelers in the recent years. The yearly carnival season falls on the last couple of weeks before lent and this major event had been drawing crowds from four corners of the world. The frenetic and vibrating rhythm of the salsa works like a potion that feeds wander-lusting soul who ever made it to Rio, Brazil’s largest city. This lively city is blessed with a long stretch of white beach and lush tropical forest easily accessible from the city center making it the perfect destination for a South American sojourn.


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Party and Explore the Sights in Perth

Perth is the fourth most populated city in Western Australia. Known for its year-round sunshine and relaxed atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to get away and have fun. You’ll find great beaches, trendy restaurants and bars and lively nightclubs. If you’re looking for fun-filled travel and adventure, Perth has has it all.

 perth dancing

Hit The Beach

Cottesloe Beach, located about 15 minutes outside the city, is one of Western Australia’s most popular beaches for swimming and snorkeling with its crystal clear waters. Large waves also make it a popular destination for surfers and body boarders. Cottesloe Beach offers a relaxing atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxing in the sun or watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean.

Next to the beach, there’s a large, shaded grassy area, the Cottesloe Esplanade, that’s a great spot for a picnic lunch and a cold drink. Along the Marine Parade, you’ll find hip cafes and bars where you can get a beach side meal and a beer. If you want to explore another nearby beach, follow the Oceanway path by foot or bicycle. The Oceanway provides easy access between beaches.

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Alternative Family Holiday Destinations for 2014

It is coming round to that time of year again, where we are all planning the next family holiday. Of course, the list of holiday destinations is seemingly endless and the choices we are faced with are many. Everyone appears to have their dream holiday destination and the recommendations from friends and family come in thick and fast when you tell them of your summer holiday plans. The more daunting task seems to be planning a holiday that is suitable for the whole family to enjoy. Sometimes, we are keen to play it safe, holiday-wise, and take the family back to the same resort that we go to every year. The tried and tested holiday, however, means that we can stuck in a rut, and the whole affair becomes increasingly humdrum.

holiday destinations

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Taking the family to a new destination is an exciting prospect. Take a look at the top family destinations for 2014:


Uzes, France

Our enduring love affair with France never seems to fade, and this little gem, hidden in the South of France is a beautiful part of the country. Beautifully preserved, the charming little town is a quiet place for relaxation and serenity. Perfect for families with older children, as they will be able to appreciate this quaint little town in all its glory.

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