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A New View: Experience a Brand-New View with a Vacation Abroad

A New View: Experience a Brand-New View with a Vacation Abroad

The Middle East State of Qatar found oil and wealth in the 1960s. Up to then, its capital, Doha, had been a modest port on the Persian Gulf, and its top product was pearls. Doha is now home to 50 percent of the nation’s residents, a futuristic city with educational, cultural, and recreational wonders.


A hot desert ecosystem, residents and tourists can enjoy its short but mild weather months from October through April. As Doha grows more influential, it has also become an exciting travel destination for those looking for a brand-new view with a vacation abroad.


The Washington Post reported that Carnegie Mellon, Cornell University, Northwestern, Texas A & M, and Virginia Commonwealth Universities have all accepted invitations and financial incentives to bring their stellar educational opportunities to Qatari citizens. Setting up quarters in Doha’s Education City, the universities offer degrees to residents who never have to leave the country.

Education City is a 2,500-acre campus at the edge of the city hosting the American schools, six French universities, and the University College London. The campus also houses students, faculty, support services, and more. Plans and development are underway on research centers, start-up laboratories, and housing and hotels. The strategy seeks to design functional public space, sports and recreation facilities, and community centers.



Tourists must respect Qatar’s Muslim roots and culture. You should seek advice on dressing, eating, and drinking in the State. But, Doha has made changes to meet expectations of its increasing expat population.

  • The Museum of Islamic Art perches off the Corniche that winds around Doha Bay. The I.M. Pie-designed, sand-colored juggernaut contains 1,400 years of Muslim art and documents.
  • Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, located at Education City, challenges bias against Arab contemporary thought. It has assembled a unique permanent collection of 20th and 21st century modern art from the Arab World, Middle East, and wider cultures historically tied to the Arab Peninsula.
  • The National Museum of Qatar should be complete for your 2018 visit. Designed by Jean Nouvel, the series of overlapping pavilions reminds locals of the petals of desert roses or fluttering tents of Bedouin ancestors.


Make a reservation at the Marriott Marquis City Center Doha, and you have an oasis in the city within easy distance of most of Doha’s sites.

  • Dining: American sports fan find themselves at home at Champions with ice-cold drinks, pub grub, and sports of countless big screen TVs.

New York Steakhouse offers steaks from Australia, France, and the U.S. But, you may also check out the daily specials and brunch.

Ipanema serves Brazilian food and music. The multiple award-winning restaurant offers authentic Brazilian Churrascaria and all you drink between 6pm and 8pm.

You’ll also find international menus, poolside bars, and Italian cuisine at other Marriott restaurants.

  • Shopping: The City Center Mall has familiar brands, but given the wealth of Qatar’s citizens, some stores will open your eyes. But, the Souq Waqif offers more authentic Bedouin deserts, foods, garments, souvenirs, and spices. A bustling open market, it presents all the colors and fragrances of this part of the world.

A New View

Vacationing abroad now longer means sticking with the European Grand Tour. New options, new flavors, and new experiences await vacationers in Doha.

Destination Playa Blanca: Where Holidays are Fun and Relaxing

Destination Playa Blanca: Where Holidays are Fun and Relaxing

Playa Blanca

Let your holidays be warm and sunny this Christmas with a trip to Playa Blanca Spain. This quiet beach in Lanzarote Spain is one of the newest attractions in the island. Its secluded white beaches are known for their natural beauty and seemingly unique weather compared to the rest of the island. The naturally gorgeous beachscape and island attractions make the Playa Blanca villas a popular destination for those who want to have both fun and relaxation for their holidays. It definitely makes a good candidate for your holiday destination this season. Here are some more reasons to visit the island.

A perfect beach in more ways than one.

Flanking the Playa Blanca’s gorgeous white sand beaches are the Montana Roja and Femes mountains. Aside from adding beauty to the scenery, the Montana Roja also shields the beaches from the Atlantic winds. This makes the clear and shallow waters of the beach perfect for family swimming. Not to worry though, because there are also water activities for those who want some excitement. Playa Blanca is also known as the quietest beach in the area making it perfect for relaxation and sunbathing.

Underwater attractions.

One of the reasons why people go on an island tour or vacation is to get up close and personal with the marine life. Tourists can have their own underwater experience in three different ways. They can snorkel, dive, or go on a submarine tour. Whatever mode they choose, these underwater adventures are meant to be enjoyed.

Playa Blanca

Museo Atlantico or Atlantic Museum.

This is the first underwater museum in Europe. It houses more that 300 sculptures made by Jason deCaires Taylor whose work aims to raise awareness on oceanic issues and help people understand the threats that our waters are facing. This alone is reason enough to put this museum in your must see list.

Sight-seeing adventures.

Your Playa Blanca trip will not be complete without experiencing its arts and culture. The best way to do this is to visit historic sites and museums. Aside from the Atlantic Museum, the Castillo de las Coloradas and Faro de Pechiguera lighthouse are also worth seeing. If you want to get an overlooking view of the coves and beaches, then take a hike to the top of Montana Roja.

Playa Blanca

Unique tour experiences.

Tired of walking or riding the bus? Explore the island’s attraction using non-traditional modes like Segway, Quad Bike, and ATVs. This is definitely a refreshing and adventurous way to experience the island. First timers need not worry because there are instructors that can help you learn how to handle the vehicles. However, you should also consider your skills and physical condition before attempting these tours. Remember, always put safety first.

Shopping and Dining.

A visit at the Marina Rubicon gives you a feel of the life in Playa Blanca by observing the activities in the promenade. You can try the local cuisine at the restaurants or sample the street food from the stalls while people watching. Dine at the promenade restaurants to enjoy the view of spectacular yachts docked in the marina. As for shopping, there are designer shops that you can explore but don’t forget to visit the handicrafts stalls for your souvenirs.


 Playa Blanca - Calle Limones 15 ies.jpg
By Frank Vincentz – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Christmas on the Slopes: Best Destinations for a Family Holiday

Christmas on the Slopes: Best Destinations for a Family Holiday

ski holiday

Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy an authentic winter with your family. It’s a fantastic time of the year to have some snow fun and the festive season is a great time to spend with family in this beautiful setting. There are many destinations to try when taking a family ski holiday at Christmas and as long as you are prepared even if you are new to this kind of holiday, you are sure to have a great time. Anywhere with a white covering of snow will feel more Christmassy but where are the best places to try to suit both families and those who love skiing? Here are a few places that offer an excellent ski holiday at Christmas time.

Courchevel, France

This large and popular Ski resort has everything you could ask for in a ski holiday destination. There are four villages Courchevel Le Praz, Courchevel Village, Courchevel Moriond and Courchevel 1850, ehich are all linked by ski lifts and pistes as well as a free bus service too.

The varied slopes and terrain make this a great choice for family skiing holidays and the snow is usually very good as the slopes here are north facing. There are kids’ clubs perfect for little beginners, where they can take ski lessons and enjoy some Christmas fun here too.  Depending on where you stay, there are different activities and options to choose from during your stay. Some chalets and hotels put on some great entertainment and activities for their guests during the Christmas period.

Although the highest village of Courcheval 1850 is an expensive place to stay. The lower villages are more affordable and also amenable for families too. The lower resorts still have access to all the same slopes and lifts, but it just might take you a little longer to get to the top.

Wengen, Switzerland

This village is especially designed for families and even more so at Christmas time. The streets are decorated for Christmas, and there’s a festive woodland walk to join on Christmas day. Swiss families usually go to church to attend Midnight Mass on Christmas eve and traditionally will gather to share hot chocolate and ringli or homemade doughnuts afterwards. You will really feel like you are joining in the Christmas spirit here.

Wengen is an excellent and pretty location to visit, whether it is the festive season or not. When it comes to Skiing the slopes are located under the north face of the Eiger and are covered by the Jungfrau lift pass. It’s a great place for beginners so children are very welcome. There are also a few exciting toboggan-runs, the main one being the run from Wengernalp which is 4.5 km.

Within the village, you’ll also find a snow playground curling and an outdoor ice skating rink too. So you know there will be plenty to do for the kids during your stay. Your hotels will put on some Christmas entertainment including excellent meals and activities for kids.

Beitostølen, Norway

This place is an excellent choice for those with young families, as although it is a smaller resort than those found in the Alps, there are a wide range of activities to keep the family entertained. The snow here usually falls early and due to the high altitude, it usually stays. Skiing here is excellent for beginners; the Ski school is English speaking and there are plenty of gentle slopes.

Children and adults will love to try the snowmobiling on a purpose-built track, a place where you can slide down the slopes in a big inflatable boat, husky dog sledding, and a massive 300km plus of cross-country skiing trails.

Christmas celebrations offer festive activities for the whole family including a visit from Santa himself. Local hotels put on their own entertainment too, you might find Christmas tree decorating, making gingerbread men and carols on the agenda depending on where you are staying. Wherever you stay in Beitostølen, you are sure to have a magical time.

Val Thorens, France

If you are travelling as a mixed party then Val Thorens is a great choice. This purpose-built resort has terrain to suit everyone from beginner to expert. As the highest Ski resort in the ‘Trois Vallees’ and in Europe, it means you are almost guaranteed snow from November and beyond. If you love to stay in a Ski-in Ski-out chalet then this is a dream.

As well as the great skiing you’ll find here, at any time of the year you can enjoy Val Thorens wealth of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, cinemas, health and beauty centres and shops. But at Christmas time there are special events mostly put on by the resorts and hotels for their guests. This includes visits from Santa for the kids, extravagant dinners and lots of parties.

Not only can you enjoy Christmas here but stay to bring in the New year, the Val Tho Crazy Night. If you’re up for a party then this is definitely a way to see the New Year in style.

Zermatt, Switzerland

No list of Christmas Ski destinations would be complete without a mention of the famous picture-perfect Zermatt. The views of the Matterhorn, being surrounded by snow covered traditional chalets and the jingle of horse-drawn sleighs are right out of a Christmas fairy-tale.

The skiing here is top-notch too, offering a variety of slopes but mostly catering for intermediate to the more advanced skiers. You can also get off-piste with a variety of trails that are avalanche controlled.

Zermatt is not a cheap destination to visit, and this is even more apparent when visiting at Christmas time. One bonus however, is although the list passes are pricey under nines ski free, under 16s pay only half the price and there’s a 15% discount for under 20s.

As a car free resort, the atmosphere at Christmas is one of old time charm. For a truly festive time, visit the English church for a Christmas service, kids can enjoy sledging and snowy playgrounds and of course Santa is around, his sled being pulled by his trusty reindeer. It might be the best Ski destination for that exceptional Christmas feel.

Christmas at home versus away

Although it is lovely to spend Christmas at home it can be very stressful too. So much is expected as a family nowadays and sometimes you just want to get away from it all. A Ski break means you can still enjoy a festive family Christmas but without all the stress of organising things yourself.

Let someone else cook the Christmas dinner and do the cleaning and other housework. You can concentrate on enjoying the holidays with your family. Building snowmen, throwing snowballs, skiing tobogganing and taking a sleigh ride in the snow. Do all those things you hear about in the Christmas songs, bet you wouldn’t be doing that at home!

A family ski holiday at Christmas doesn’t come cheap so get ready to part with some cash when you book. But remember, the experience and the fun you get to have as a family is worth it and an experience you’ll treasure for years to come.



Why Singapore should be Your Destination This Season

Why Singapore should be Your Destination This Season

                                                             Image credits: @whereisredj

With the many destinations yet to explore in the world, you may wonder where the best place to have an exciting experience is; it is definitely Singapore. Being one of the most beautiful places on our planet, it has many things to offer. You will never get enough of Singapore, and each visit will be as exciting as the first. So maybe you’ll want to get personalised employment pass with One Visa. The following are some of the great expectations to have as you plan to visit:

The great food

Food is one of the best ways to express people’s culture. Singaporeans love their food and it’s evident in all restaurants and food joints. In fact, it’s easy to grab some snacks at food dens all over the street. Amazingly, you can also easily get themed restaurants, particularly Chinese, Japanese, and Indian ones in various cities across Singapore.

Parks and gardens

Green is the theme when it comes to this country. There are numerous eco-parks in which one can visit and enjoy the green space either for a picnic or just relaxing with friends. The fresh air will be evidence of an environmentally-friendly country that you will want to visit again and again.


Learning about people’s history, culture, and heritage is always one of the best reasons to visit their country. While in Singapore, be sure to visit their famous national and private museums for a gallery of artifacts and other heritage knowledge. The museums feature arts, Arm and government history, culture, animals, and many other themes.

Games and sports

Whatever you prefer, the adrenaline-pumping formula 1, football, rugby, or any other, you can be sure to catch a game in one of Singapore’s sports arenas. They are friendly for whole-family viewing with guaranteed fun.

The wildlife

To be frank, most people visit various countries with a desire to enjoy the wildlife; if you are such a person, Singapore will not disappoint you. One will meet nocturnal animals in their real ecosystem through the night tours. Animals like Malayan Civet, geckos, frogs, and elephants are just a few of the many you will enjoy.

The nightlife

Do you love endless fun at night? In Singapore, only the time will limit what you can experience. One can knock a couple of beers at the live pubs and dance the night out to the classic DJ mixes. It’s also easy to maneuver from one place to another through the safe taxi services.

Shopping at any time

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and feel like shopping? Be sure to find plenty of shops to buy your stuff. With increasing numbers of shopping malls, people can shop conveniently at any time and for whatever they want.

                                                Image credits: @whereisredj

Affordable accommodation

The rise of classic affordable hotels has dominated this country’s major town. So, whether you are on a leisure holiday or a budget business trip, you will get a good accommodation to suit you with at least all the basic amenities like Internet, TV, and comfortable beds.




Tips for Planning a Trip to Breckenridge

Tips for Planning a Trip to Breckenridge

By JlfdzOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

When the weather’s colder and the days are shorter, there’s nothing else to look forward to apart from the sport that you love. It’s time to start to think about the approaching skiing season. So, you start to find your equipment, look into the Breckenridge vacation rentals and off you go. But, there’s a problem. People have warned you about a few dangers when you go to Breckenridge. Here are a few tips to help you plan your perfect trip and how to avoid problems.

Adjusting to the Altitude:

Breckenridge has an altitude of around 9,600 feet, which means that the atmosphere is different and the chances of suffering altitude sickness are high. In fact, some estimates say that about half the people who come here develop some degree of altitude sickness. This happens because your body is quickly exposed to a different environment where the air is thinner. It takes a while for our bodies to adjust and acclimatize.

The typical symptoms include feeling out of breath faster than usual, a reduced appetite, and feeling fatigued. This tends to happen on the first and second day and begins to ease up after a few more.  The best way to combat altitude sickness is to make sure you drink enough water to keep your body hydrated and to stay away from alcohol, which in turn causes dehydration. You should also get plenty of rest and only do light activity until your body has had the chance to adapt. Take a few aspirins if you’re suffering from migraines on the first night.

The most important thing to remember with altitude sickness is that it can affect anyone of any age and level of fitness. You should factor in that you’re probably not going to be doing much skiing on the first day until your body has correctly acclimatized. If you do push too hard, it can have disastrous and even fatal consequences.

Breckenridge is for Experienced Skiers:

The slopes are suitable for skiers and snowboarders with an intermediate level of ability. Those who are beginners or have little experience are probably going to face problems. Breckenridge can be brutal if you’re not confident going down the slopes. This increases the risk of injury and reduces the safety aspect.

But, it doesn’t mean that non-experienced skiers shouldn’t come here. There are plenty of opportunities to learn how to ski and snowboard. Instructors can teach you the correct technique and how to reduce the chance of injuries. And, if you’re not confident you can find an instructor who will take you down.

Imperial Chair Opens in Breckenridge
Image credit: Carl Scofield –

Bring the Right Clothes:

Breckenridge is high in the mountains and you’re going to be outside for most of the day. This means that you need to make sure you pack and wear appropriate clothes to keep you warm and dry. If you get wet or are exposed directly to the cold, hypothermia and frostbite can set in. And when you’re skiing with the adrenaline pumping, it’s not always obvious that there’s a problem until it’s too late.

So, to avoid this you should get waterproof ski pants and a jacket to wear over your clothes. Dress in warm layers to keep the heat inside whilst at the same time making sure you have enough flexibility to move around. Sweat pants, sweaters, and fleeces are good whereas jeans are bad. You should also get specially made clothes from winter stores to protect your neck and face. And don’t forget to bring a good pair of waterproof gloves.

The Sun is Your Enemy:

Some people find it hard to imagine that when the temperatures are subzero and you’re battling against the cold that you have another enemy – the sun. It’s true, people who spend a lot of time on the slopes come back down with red faces from sunburn. Sometimes, if you’ve been out there for hours and hours, this may actually be quite serious.

The mountains are at almost 10,000 feet when the UV rays from the sun are much stronger than down at sea level. The white snow reflects them back onto your skin. And because you don’t feel the heat on your face, it’s quite easy to completely forget about their hazardous effects. Make sure you bring sunscreen with you and cover the parts of your body that are continuously exposed to the sun.

Don’t assume that you can apply it once and you’re going to be fine for the rest of the day. Whenever you make contact with something or get covered in snow, the sunscreen gets washed off. For this reason, you’re going to need to keep reapplying it to protect your skin. The best time to do this is when you’re at the bottom of the slope before going back up again. If you have friends or family with you, give them the bottle to keep reminding you.

It’s also a good idea to invest in some strong sunglasses or goggles that offer protection for your eyes against the UV rays. I also like to bring some lip balm to give my lips protection against both the UV rays and the cold.

The Takeaway Message:

Spending a week or two on the slopes in Breckenridge is a great experience and it gives you something to look forward to in the winter. But, at the same time, you need to prepare and protect yourself against the elements. Don’t expect to be skiing on the first day and make sure you wear warm and waterproof clothes.