Options When Moving to the Sunshine State

Options When Moving to the Sunshine State

Like almost everybody else, have you always dreamt of lounging around in the world-renowned beaches of the Sunshine State? Or better yet, are you considering a permanent move to one of its cities? If you just said yes to either or both of these questions, then the succeeding paragraphs are for you.

It’s not a surprise why so many people want to go to Florida, and some even love it so much that they come to the point of deciding to relocate to this state. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be and live in Florida, considering how tropical its vibe is as well as how vibrant and diverse its culture can be.

If you are planning to move from another state to the Sunshine State, this is a great place to live as it has something for everyone.

And while the decision to move to the Sunshine State may be a no-brainer, the tough part is actually is when you have to decide which of its cities would be the best one for you and will suit your finances of course. You need to create a thorough financial planning, budgeting, calculating your monthly payment and living expenses.

To help you in this dilemma, here are some of the cities in Florida and their highlights:


This is Florida’s largest city in terms of population and residents get to enjoy easy access to beautiful beaches. Cost of living in Jacksonville is also said to be lower compared to the national average. Moreover, this city is home to second largest jazz festival in America — the Jacksonville Jazz Festival.


Located in the southern part of the state, Tallahassee is one of the hotter regions in Florida. And though it’s significantly smaller compared to Jacksonville in terms of population, it is a fast-growing economy better than that of Tampa and Miami. Tallahassee apartments and other real estate properties in the city estimating affordability are relatively cheaper compared to those in Jacksonville.

Fort Lauderdale

Owing significantly to its business-friendly climate, Fort Lauderdale has become a business powerhouse in the recent years — providing a good market base for startups and relocating businesses. Those who are in the business industry will find this enticing and potentially favorable. People who have a penchant for boating will also like it here as the city is dubbed to be the “Venice of America”.

St. Petersburg

Now, you may have declared St. Pete to be automatically disqualified because of the hurricanes you’ve heard that hit it in the past. But if it’s any consolation, it might help to know that the last hurricane to hit St. Pete was way back in 1921. Its beaches just are too beautiful to let pass and if you think this should be the reason that you are moving to Florida, then why not!


This is one of the untouched, isolated parts of Florida and would be a perfect place to retire in especially if you are the type who takes great pleasure living in a city devoid of urban buzz. Moreover, this is a generally safe city – ideal for raising a family especially with small kids. It has been naturally blessed with calm, beautiful seas and offers a lot of recreational facilities such as zoos, golf courses, and parks.

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