Options When Moving to the Sunshine State

Moving to the Sunshine State

Like almost everybody else, have you always dreamt of lounging around in the world-renowned beaches of the Sunshine State? Or better yet, are you considering a permanent move to one of its cities? If you just said yes to either or both of these questions, then the succeeding paragraphs are for you. It’s not a … Read more

Wine tour at Cape Winelands

Planning a trip to South Africa?  Don’t miss to book a wine tour at Cape Winelands. Take advantage of the  Franschhoek Wine Tram hop-on hop-off tour to discover the picturesque vine yards’ spectacular scenery, feel the warm hospitality, fine wine tasting and world-class cuisines.

Cape winelands

The Cape Winelands is situated in the Western Cape Province located in the south-western tip of the African continent. It is known as one of the “pearls” of South Africa’s rural and small-town sub-regions. The district that offers visitors a one-of-a-kind experience while roaming around the wine farms. 

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Great Camping Experiences in the Canadian Outdoors

Canada prides itself with some of the best camping sites in the world. They have well-maintained, clean and amenities-filled campgrounds so all you would need are your personal camp essentials such as a buck knives Canada, food, camp tent and your toiletries. You can take your family to explore the outdoors and be close with nature because the trails are marked and are easy to navigate. You will be amazed at the sprawling and seemingly endless wilderness, scenic landscape and the abundance of wildlife.

Photo credits: Dan Dickinson on Flickr

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Five Animals You’ve Never Seen Before: The Weird & Wonderful Inhabitants of Africa

Above all other continents, Africa is home to the world’s most magical, most beautiful and most awe-inspiring animals. Headed by the so-called Big Five – the African elephant, the lion, the Cape buffalo, the leopard and the rhinoceros – there is a long list of potential animals to be seen on an African Safari in amazing locations like Botswana’s Okavango Delta, Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve, the KrugerNational Park in South Africa and Tanzania’s SerengetiNational Park. For every animal on that list there will be many others that you have never heard of, so allow us to introduce five of Africa’s more unusual inhabitants, as weird-looking as they are wonderful to spot in the wild. 

Lowland Streaked Tenrec

Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/42244964@N03/4315247601/

A prickly-looking dishevelled little chap, the lowland streaked tenrec is native to the tropical rainforests of Madagascar. Feeding on a diet of earthworms and insects, you’re most likely to see a lowland streaked tenrec rummaging around on the ground looking for food (as its name suggests). While they look a little bit like they just got out of bed, that yellow tinged messy “hair” is the tenrec’s most valuable weapon against predators as it will drive those erect spikes into the path of their potential attacker. The lowland streaked tenrec is also a fascinating animal because it’s the only known mammal which uses stridulating – rubbing body parts together like crickets and grasshoppers do – to make sound.

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What to Do In Legazpi: Mayon ATV Trail

mayon atv trail

Adventure seekers will not want anything else when travelling through Bicol or more particularly, in Legazpi City. The Philippine tourism boomed in this place which definitely made more jobs and opened portals to some of the country’s most beautiful places. Aside from Boracay and Palawan, Bicol has claimed its spot in the Philippine tourism industry as it offer more than just wonderful sites and landmarks and unique food creations. Travelers, tourists and vacationers will also find challenging activities including the ATV ride to Mayon Lava Wall.  

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Why is Universal Studios Hollywood a Hot Destination in LA

Los Angeles California has always been associated with movie stars and the movies. Of course, this is where the famed Hollywood is located. But more than that, there is a range of attractions and productions that is worth your visit to this lovely city. Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the most popular destinations in the area.

 universal studios

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Young, Free and Single? 8 Holiday Destinations for Party Goers

You’re young, good looking and bored of your local town’s slightly depressing nightlife scene, which consists of couple of grotty clubs that everyone packs into and a handful of pubs dominated by grumpy old men. Surely it must get better than this?

It does.

Modern travel is cheap and almost entirely painless compared to in the not-so-distant past. Since the fall of communism in the early 90’s, large parts of the world, which were previously out of bounds, have opened up to tourism and countries now compete to welcome visitors in their droves. Whereas once the youth of society had to content themselves with dressing as either Mods or Rockers and scrapping by the seaside, today’s singletons can escape Britain’s sodden, wind-swept town centres and focus on what they really want. Having fun. If you know that you want to get away from the UK but are uncertain of where to go, take a look at this list of 8 of the best destinations for dance-mad clubbers.

1. Lagos, Portugal

For endless beach parties, amazing water sports and all night drinking, Lagos takes some beating. Your Mum would want you to take plenty of Factor 30, because it’s going to be hot!

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Most Famous Attractions in Jamaica


Jamaica is part of the group of islands that make up the Caribbean, and if you are looking for a different kind of vacation, then Jamaica has plenty of interesting attractions for you to visit. There are various hidden gems for you to enjoy in Jamaica, from beaches to forests and other tourist sites that are beautiful. If you are thinking about flying out to Jamaica to enjoy some of the attractions on the island then check out cheapflights.co.uk for the best deals.

With a host of warm and welcoming locals, you will definitely have a great vacation on the island. Here are some of the best tourist attractions you should visit.

Montego Bay

One of the most popular attractions on the island is Montego Bay. One of its best draws is how it has blended the traditional Jamaican experience with modern resort relaxation. There are plenty of pristine beaches that are blessed with light ocean breezes which make it a great spot to spend a day. 

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Top Five Places to Hunt Down Santa Claus This Christmas

Once Halloween is over and Thanksgiving approaches, kids will begin asking about Christmas. Be prepared this year by planning a holiday excursion to visit Santa in various venues. If you are not in the vicinity of New York or Florida, some of these venues may require a holiday trip, but the experience will be different than the normal trip to the local mall. Santa visits are special in any location, but the visits will be especially memorable if you travel with the kids this holiday season. Here are a few examples of places to hunt down Santa this holiday season.

1. North Pole, New York

Santa’s house
photo credits: northpoleny.com

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