Top Five Places to Hunt Down Santa Claus This Christmas

Top Five Places to Hunt Down Santa Claus This Christmas

Once Halloween is over and Thanksgiving approaches, kids will begin asking about Christmas. Be prepared this year by planning a holiday excursion to visit Santa in various venues. If you are not in the vicinity of New York or Florida, some of these venues may require a holiday trip, but the experience will be different than the normal trip to the local mall. Santa visits are special in any location, but the visits will be especially memorable if you travel with the kids this holiday season. Here are a few examples of places to hunt down Santa this holiday season.

1. North Pole, New York

Santa’s house
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There is nothing more classic than going to the North Pole to visit Santa Claus. Kids hear about the North Pole when they hear holiday stories. Why not take them to a location named after the North Pole to visit Santa? The white wintery conditions will remind children of the North Pole and the activities will keep them entertained.

North Pole is located 13 miles from Lake Placid. Children will have the opportunity to view puppet shows, candy makers, glassblowers and to take a ride in Santa’s Sleigh Coaster.

3. Macy’s Day Parade

Macy’s Day Parade
Macy’s Day Parade
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Macy’s Holiday Parade is a recommended venue to visit Santa. Not only will kids visit Santa, but they will also view the balloons and floats during the Thanksgiving parade in New York. This is a treat for many people. The event is televised, if the trip is not within your budget.

3. Christmas at Disney World

Christmas at Disneyworld
Christmas at Disneyworld
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Walt Disney World is magical during Christmas. There are 1500 Christmas trees scattered all over the Disney property beginning in November. Kids love Mickey’s Very Merry Parade and Very Merry Christmas Party. At Epcot, kids will learn how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Santa is usually found in the Universal Orlando’s theme parks.

4. Holiday Concert Series at Universal Studios

universal studios
Universal Studios

During the Holiday Concert Series, Santa and his elves appear often. There will be live music, horse-drawn carriages, snow flurries and live shows. When Santa appears, kids can enjoy his presence, and some kids may get the opportunity to actually talk to Santa. Christmas at Universal Studios is one of the coveted experiences by kids.

5. Holiday Hotel Events

universal orlando
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Hotels near Universal Orlando also have Santa sightings. The Hard Rock Hotel often features visits with Santa, candle lights for Hanukkah, holiday buffets and a New Year’s Eve parties. Loews Royal Pacific Resort also features Santa visits, candle lights for Hanukkah, cookie decorating and New Year’s Eve fit for the entire family. This is great way to visit Santa and participate in other holiday events.

Make Your Christmas Wish with Santa

This Christmas don’t just write down your holiday wish on Christmas cards. Consider traveling with the kids to visit Santa this holiday season!

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6 thoughts on “Top Five Places to Hunt Down Santa Claus This Christmas

  1. This is a good read for parents who don’t want to spoil the fun for their kids just yet. 😛 I wonder, though, if there are SCs in the malls now. Haven’t been to the big malls ever since the “ber” months started.

  2. These places are really perfect for the kids and even adults to visit this season. Hopefully we can experience a Disney Holiday someday.

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