Visiting England and the Ebor races

Visiting England and the Ebor races

The London Eye
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When travelling to England there are some very important and 100% British things you must do. Firstly on the to do list you must include visiting all the most famous monuments such as Windsor castle, Big Ben, The London eye, Stone Henge and any other you can fit into your time. You must also have a true English cup of tea! Because although you might find it odd, Tea with milk in it can actually be quite nice when done right, personally I recommend a Bettys tearoom because even though they are expensive they make exceptionally nice tea and scones. 

But by far the most exhilarating and truly British thing to do is going to see a horse race, and there are few greater and more anticipated than the summer Ebor races in York. At stake for the racers and horses is fame and glory whilst for the owner of the horse vast sums of cash.

This very traditional race is a very chic black tie event where illicitly smart crowds gather to cheer on their selection of horse and racer in an attempt to play the odds. Betting is a major feature of the races, Bookies like Ladbrokes are present throughout the races offering odds both for fun and for those who believe they have a divine hunch.

After the betting fiasco the suited up crowds head to the city centre to spend their winnings or to drown their bad luck. But it makes for a lively night as all the restaurants become booked to the brim, the bars and nightclubs also gain a new lease of life.

If you are thinking about going you might also want to look up  online beforehand who the favourite jockeys are in order to give yourself the best chance of winning

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