A Glimpse to World’s Most Expensive Hotels

Whenever a person travels, a comfortable and a safe place to stay would always be part of the package. However, due to financial constraints and budgeted travel plans, expensive hotels would always be missed out.

For the sake of knowing and perhaps a chance to have a little idea of how they look like and how much they cost, here’s a compilation of the today’s most expensive hotels in the world. The ranking is based on the standard double room rate per night that a visitor would be spending during his or her stay.

5. Amankora and Spa – this is located in Pharo, Bhutan and the rate per night in a double room is $1,910.

Amankora and Spa
Amankora and Spa
photo credits: bhutanyourway.com

4. Villa del Parco – this one’s located in Sardinia, Italy with a rate of $2,031 per night of stay.

expensive hotels
photo credits: ebookers.com

3. Hotel Pitrizza – another one from Sardinia, Italy with an average rate of $2,041 per night.

hotel pitrizza
hotel pitrizza
photo credits: centrotappetisardi.com

2. Royal Mansour – this hotel is located in Marrakesh, Morrocco and a guest should prepare at least $2,060 per night in a double room accommodation.

Royal Mansour Hotel
Royal Mansour Hotel
photo credits: foreign-independent-tours.com

1. Le Dune, Forte Village Resort – the most expensive of all that is once again located in Sardinia, Italy. Their average rate per night in a double room is at $2,539.

photo credits: charmingsardinia.com





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