Experience a great walk through the giant Sequoias at The Sequoia National Park

Experience a great walk through the giant Sequoias at The Sequoia National Park

If you think you’ve already explored much of California, you might find yourself lacking in experience with the wild and outdoor adventures that this diverse state has to offer. A short weekend could be enough for you to leave the busy streets of San Francisco and take a journey with your friends and family to discover wildlife and nature at its best. So if you are up to some camping, hiking and picnicking, the Sequoia National Park is the destination for you.

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National parks do give us a calming and relaxing feeling with its beautiful scenery and landscapes. On the other hand, they also challenge our physical fitness with lots of sporty activities and adventures that they provide. These parks also give us new knowledge about the flora and fauna within it. You can find the world’s largest tree in this park named the General Sherman Tree and a Sequoia-rimmed meadow called the “gem of the Sierra.”

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The Sequoia National Park became a popular destination because of warm and beautiful weather in the summer and cooler and colorful scenery during fall. Nights in this national park is filled with relaxing starry skies made for camping. This place is less busy that the Yellowstone and the Kings Canyon so you have better chances of bonding with your family and enjoying your break to the fullest.

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