An Adventurer’s Guide to Israel

An Adventurer’s Guide to Israel

Israel is a very popular destination for travellers, and the country relies on tourism as a major part of its economy. A place rich in history and spirituality, Israel – also known as the Holy Land – has become well known for its incredible beauty and attractions.Here’s a quick and handy guide for travellers heading to Israel.

When to Visit

Israel is a great place to visit all year round thanks to its temperate weather. The summers are long, dry and warm while the winters are generally mild, with certain parts of the country cooler than others. For instance, Jerusalem is in the hilly regions so can be a bit colder during the winter months.

Things to Consider

As Israel is a religious country, it’s important that you are respectful of those values and traditions when visiting. If you visit religious sites, for instance, then you should observe the dress codes and wear conservative clothing. For example, some sites may require that your hair is covered or that you wear clothes that end below the knees and elbows. Make sure that you incorporate this into your packing to prevent causing offence.

You should take other cultural taboos into consideration. For example, smoking on the Shabbat (Saturday, the Jewish day of rest) is considered to be very offensive and should be avoided if possible.

What to See

Where to start? Israel has so much to offer that you couldn’t possibly see it all in a single visit and we can only begin to scratch the surface of what you can do. However, there are plenty of highlights that you should definitely consider seeing. Israel’s prime attractions include:

  • The Dead Sea – The Dead Sea is famous for its high salt content, which enables swimmers to float along the water and relax. This is an ideal spot to unwind and a tourist favourite.
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  • YadVashem, Jerusalem – Israel’s memorial to the 6 million Jewish victims of the Holocaust is a sombre but incredibly important place that is a must for people that wish to understand Israel’s history in more depth.
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  • Tel Aviv – The city of Tel Aviv offers a thriving nightlife as well as beautiful sandy beaches. Look into Tel Aviv for more attractions – it’s got plenty all on its own!
Tel Aviv Beach
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  • The Ramon Crater – A natural geological feature in the desert south, this is the world’s largest crater and offers stunning views.
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As Israel has so many sights to take in a package tour of the country provided by an adventure tour provider such as Encounters Travel is worth considering. That way, you can get the most out of your trip and see all the things you really want to see.


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