Visiting Paradise in San Juan Batangas

Visiting Paradise in San Juan Batangas

After a long day of work, people usually come home exhausted, and willing to take a break as soon as they hit something comfortable. Whether a student or a working adult would like to relax after their usual routine. On the other hand, some people like to take their relaxations to the next level by visiting provinces near Manila like Batangas, and taking in the sights. As such, travelling is always a good option if you want to go somewhere, and unwind. Unfortunately, finding a comfortable hotel can be quite tricky, especially if you’re new to the area, which is why, oftentimes, it’s a good idea to look at online booking sites such as Traveloka to search for a variety of accommodation options.

Managing finances for the expenses is already hard to begin with. Not only do you need to focus on the travelling and food costs, you also need to prepare money for the resort you’ll be staying in. As such, finding an accommodation that will suit your tastes should always be your number one priority.

Place of Choice

There are quite a lot of options to choose from the province of San Juan, Batangas. Whether it is just a place to relax, or to have fun, this place has got you covered. The events and the things you could do there can be quite fulfilling. Here are two choices for you to consider if you’ve decided to give San Juan, Batangas a chance:

  • Acuatico Beach Resort

    – critically acclaimed to be Laiya’s best – Starting off this small list of two, this place, compared to the other resorts, is remarkably smaller, but don’t let its size fool you. It is located around 87 miles south of Manila, which makes it a 3 hour drive from the Philippine Capital to Batangas. The place is given very good remarks, most of its criticisms on TripAdvisor being on the Excellent Category. Their most defining characteristic is the peace and serenity the resort boasts. It has a beautifully colored beach with accommodations that are cozy, yet aesthetic. It has different rooms to accommodate a certain number of people; the most people that it can accommodate in a room is a family of six.

The Resort itself holds quite the number of facilities. One could say the facilities themselves serve as some form of attraction. We’ll get to that later on.

San Juan Batangas

  • La Luz Beach Resort

    – a perfect hideaway – This resort is claimed to be one of the greatest resorts because of one thing: have you had a hard time thinking of which relative would be the perfect person babysit your pet? Then this place gives you a much better solution. Yes, pets are allowed in this resort! As if that isn’t good enough, the accommodations in this resort can hold a family up to thirteen children. There are cottages that immediate families can easily fill up, and the beauty of the resort is maintained every day by hard working staff.

This resort, unlike the first option, has a lot more activities to offer.

San Juan Batangas - la luz

Of course, these two resorts have their own restaurants to provide you food. You can also book your place online, or check the prices so you could save up the money needed. Nighttime in these resorts serve as a magical experience for all ages, whether it be the water surface reflecting the night sky for the former, or the relaxing sounds of the bonfire for the latter. Now, let us move on to what they can provide.

Activities for All Ages

Both of these resorts hold their respective strengths. Whether it is the aesthetic of the resort, or how enjoyable it could be. Though, each person has their own preference which is why learning the activities that can be held within these two resorts is an absolute must.

Let us go first with the Acuatico Beach Resort. Elaborating the place further, it is truly a place to relax. From its small and simplistic Balinese design to the activities it offers, you can already feel relieved from stress by just looking at a photo.

The resort offers a wonderful outdoor Jacuzzi, the Simona Spa, and a few water sports for the adults to enjoy, such as kayaks, jet skis, and pedal boats. Kids, on the other hand, can enjoy the Kiddie Pool, or the Game Room. There’s also Beach Volleyball for all ages to enjoy. They also have a concierge, and a laundry and dry cleaning service to make the place a lot more convenient. Though, this resort isn’t only just a place to relax and enjoy.

It also holds a meeting room that can accommodate 30 to 50 people. The Wi-Fi signal is strong as well, and covers the public areas of the resort.

Of course, then comes nighttime. The place at night is always remarked as serene. Just the calmness of the beach and the calming silence of the resort has always been a hit among travelers. They also have two bars for people to enjoy the night: the Acua Bar, and the Azul Bar & Café. Among the two bars, the Azul Bar & Café is the latest addition to the dining facilities that can serve salads, appetizers, entrees, and sandwiches. It’s a modernized bar and live Acoustic Performers visit the bar during weekends.

Once it’s time to go, you can visit their gift shop for a souvenir.

Now moving on, we have the La Luz Resort.

The La Luz Resort, as it has been discussed earlier on, is the perfect getaway for a family. Not only does the place boast about its large rooms, pavilion, and cottages, it also has a handful of activities for anyone to enjoy. In a sense, it is quite the opposite of Acuatico Beach Resort.

The activities can be enjoyed by all ages, and are ensured to give a lasting impression. They have sports, such as the so-called “Beachminton(though officially known as Speed Badminton)”, Diving, Beach Football, Snorkelling, Beach Tennis, and Beach Volleyball. You could say that this place is the ideal location for training with you and your varsity team. They also have Banana Boats, yachts, boats, jet skis, and kayaks that can be enjoyed by the young adults, and adults.

Concerts are not so uncommon in the beach, as well as Halloween Parties. The nighttime is also magical, as every Saturday, a bonfire is lit up. It serves as a way to relax after an eventful day at the beach.

Though, these two resorts have one thing in common: you can host your wedding here!

There are plenty more of places to see in San Juan, Batangas, and these two are just two of the many places. There are other resorts that are just as good, if not, better than these two options. Open your adventurous side, and give this place a visit!


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