Getting to Know the World’s Highest National Park

Every country has their own national parks including those that are covered with ice like Tibet. Just recently, China opened the world’s highest national park at altitude called Qomolangma National Park. It has a total area of 78,000 square kilometers comprising six counties.

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The park consists of 5 stunning and gorgeous peaks including the bearer of the name which has more than 8,000 meters in altitude. That’s not all; there are still 10 more peaks that have an altitude of 7,000 meters.

The entire park doesn’t only include the peaks but also surrounded with hot springs and white coated forests. The park has been drawing a lot of tourists lately and China is making sure that the park is maintained appropriately by hiring 300,000 people in the tourism department and allocating 25 billion Yuan to it.

China is just so lucky of having this kind of natural wonder. Keeping it to last a lifetime is a tough challenge but the Chinese government is more than willing to do it so that even their great grand children including those great grand children of the tourists would still be able to visit the park at one time of their life.

Visiting a place like Qomolangma National Park can be truly enjoyable and refreshing. Moreover, a perfect place for soul searching.  This is such a very wonderful work of nature that can build lasting memories for the traveller.


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