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The Ultimate Western Australian Road Trip Guide

The Ultimate Western Australian Road Trip Guide

If you are planning to drive through Western Australia, you are certainly in for a treat, and with so much to see and do, the trip will be a memorable one. If you are arriving by air, Perth International Airport would be the obvious choice, where you can rent a vehicle and set off on your trip. As with any holiday, it always pays to do your homework, and if have yet to research, here are some valuable tips to help make the holiday truly memorable.

The Right Vehicle

If you plan on spending a few weeks on the road, the vehicle must be in tip top condition, and you shouldn’t compromise on comfort, as you will be spending a considerable amount of time in the car. If you are looking for a reliable and inexpensive car hire company, Perth car rental by Ace Rent a Car will provide you with the ideal vehicle.

Swan Valley

If you are coming to WA, you simply must visit Swan Valley, the home of some of Australia’s finest vineyards, as well as numerous other attractions. Situated in the upper regions of the Swan River, this wonderful region is only a thirty minute drive from Perth, and you can sample the exotic native wildlife at Caversham Wildlife Park. The region has stunning landscapes, and is one of Western Australia’s most popular areas for tourists, foreign and local alike. If there are more than 4 people in your group, it might be wise to consider minivan hire, as this will ensure that all of your luggage can be included without a squeeze.

Swan Valley 1.jpg
By Robert Young from Gdansk, Poland – Swan Valley
Uploaded by berichard, CC BY 2.0, Link

Margaret River Wine Region

This is an enchanting region, with almost 200 wineries, offering the best wines Australia has, and with superb cuisine, you won’t want to leave! Both red and white wines are produced by the many boutique size wineries, and the region accounts for 20% of premium wine production in Australia. There are nature trails for hikers and bikers, with many interesting natural highlights to admire.

CSIRO ScienceImage 11695 Vineyard.jpg
By CSIRO, CC BY 3.0, Link

Rottnest Island

Although it had an unpleasant history, Rottnest Island is extremely popular today, with pristine beaches and spectacular marine life. If diving is your thing, you must include a trip to this enchanting island, and there is something for all the family. See a wide range of animals, including dolphins, sea lions, and penguins, and you can kayak in the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.

Rottnest Island 20
Image credit: Abir Anwar –


The almost 5 hour drive is worth it when you see the view from the summit of Mount Clarence, and the city is steeped in history, as it was one of the first to be established in the early 19th century. The city is located on the northern side of the Princess Royal Harbour, and the marine life in this area is something not to miss.

Fisheries Beach - Albany Western Australia
Image credit: Brett and Sue Coulstock –

Before setting out, it would be wise to talk to your car rental company, as they would have all the information about tourist attractions and routes, and would be happy to assist you in any way they can. There is literally so much to see and do, they would help you to plan the perfect itinerary.

Make Your Road Trip A Dream, Not A Nightmare

Make Your Road Trip A Dream, Not A Nightmare

road trip

A surprising number of people don’t realize that it’s not essential to get on a plane to take a worthwhile trip. We get used to living in a place and forget that on the same landmass, there are so many different views. If you live in an urban setting, you might never see much of the countryside. Rolling hills, picturesque small towns, and hidden gems await you. What’s more, it’s all without having to put up with your ears popping and screaming toddlers.

With that in mind, it can be pleasant to just get in a car and take in the sights from the road. Whether you’re taking a trip on home soil or have got some free time on a holiday, a road trip can be the best way to take in the diverse delights of a country. It pays to be prepared, though, because a road trip can quickly become a nightmare if you’re not.

Staging Points Are Your Friend

A long drive can be a smooth process if you plan it right. An essential part of this planning is knowing that if you’re going to be on the road all day, there need to be stops. Planning in some staging points – to get something to eat, stretch your legs and use the facilities – is a must. Otherwise “serene road trip” becomes “moving metal prison”.

Make Sure You’re Gassed Up

With any road trip – even if you’ve got a Sat Nav and a map – comes the risk of unfamiliar territory. This isn’t a bad thing, but it does mean you need to be careful of running into car trouble. Run out of gas miles from nowhere, and your road trip just became a walking trip. Use a fuel calculator to ensure you put enough in before you go and top up when the tank’s running low.

Bring Your Entertainment

To make sure that you don’t get bored while en route, some entertainment may be necessary. If there’s a few of you, then talking will probably cover most of it, but it’s also worth putting together a playlist that everyone can agree on. For quieter entertainment, an audiobook or a few podcasts downloaded can make a big difference.

If You Need To Sleep, Sleep


sleeping via pexels

The importance of a good night’s sleep before you spend a long day on the road cannot be overstated. Driving tired can be highly dangerous; it slows your reactions and affects your judgment. Studies have shown that driving tired is almost as bad as driving drunk. So if you’re flagging, and you’re the only driver in the car, pull over and sleep. If you’re on a tight schedule, still do it. It’s better to run behind than run off the road.

With the right prior planning – and a goodie bag full of snacks to keep up your blood sugar – a road trip can be amazing. Have a firm idea of where you want to go, what you want to see and do. The pleasures of a world you might not have known existed await. You’ll find that you’re bitten by the bug and be planning another one before you know it.


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How To Survive An RV Holiday With The Family

How To Survive An RV Holiday With The Family

Wes's RV at Redrock Canyon State Park
Image credit: David~O –

There are few better ways to see the world than from the road. Waking up in a new town every morning, and exploring the country is like nothing else. Getting off the beaten track, and ploughing your own course is the only way to holiday! We’ve done the full stretch of America in an RV, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Spending that much time in a small space with the whole family isn’t easy! Sure, you’ll have a wonderful time, but how do you avoid the arguments, and the mood swings? We know that one small thing can set the family off, so how do you keep everyone happy?


Pack light


The number one rule here is to pack only what you need! The RV might look enormous from the outside, but just wait until you fill it with five people and their suitcases. There’s no room for unnecessary items. They’ll get in everyone’s way, and the lack of space will start to get frustrating.


Choose a modern RV


If you’re buying an RV or travel trailer, look for the best one you can afford. Ideally, you’ll want one with air conditioning (nothing causes trouble like heat and humidity!) A little bit of homeliness goes a long way too. An RV with a comfy sofa and modern kitchen facilities will really help you out. Best of all, a modern RV won’t break down in the middle of the Arizona desert! There are all sorts of RV models out there, follow the link to find out more.


Have a good breakfast


This is a simple trick, but trust us, it works wonders. We all get cranky when we haven’t eaten in awhile. Add that to the boredom of a seven hour drive, and moods are going to turn south! That’s why a good, hearty breakfast is the best way to start the day. It gets everyone’s spirits up, and gives everyone plenty of energy for the road ahead.


Embrace the lifestyle


If you’re going to survive a long RV holiday, you’ve got to embrace the lifestyle and enjoy it. This isn’t a five-star hotel resort, it’s a traveling adventure! It’s a little bit rough-and-ready. Embrace spontaneity, and enjoy the journey! To expect anything else is only going to send your mood spiralling downwards.


Load up on travel games


An RV holiday is likely to involve long hours on the road. We’re talking six-seven hours straight in the most remote parts of America. It’s up to you to keep the morale going, and keep the spirits high. A good pack of travel games will help keep everyone busy and entertained. Choose your favourites, and find new ways to keep them interesting.


Let everyone choose a stop or activity


A good holiday should involve every member of the family. Everyone should get a say, and that means each choosing an activity or a place to stop. It makes sure that everyone gets to do something they want along the way. It’s a great trick to keep the peace, and you’ll see and do things you weren’t expecting.


Get it right, and it might just be your best holiday yet!

Road Trippin’: 5 Things You Need To Know

Road Trippin’: 5 Things You Need To Know

Road Trip
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Some of the great stories of our time took place on a road trip. Countless films and novels are devoted to Route 66 in America and the Pacific coast road. There is no better way to see the true heart of a country. It’s also an affordable way to travel, and you could make it part of your gap year. If your wanderlust is getting the better of you, perhaps it’s time to hitch up the wagon! But, before you embark on your journey, there are few things you should know. Trust us, we’ve done plenty of road trips in our time, and we wish we knew some of these tips sooner!


  1. Choose the perfect route

As much as we love the concept of hitting the open road and leaving the destination to chance, it’s a dangerous idea. Instead, make sure you set out with a rough route in mind. We know that road trips are all about spontaneity and adventure, but you need a little structure. At the very least, you need a destination in mind. That will give you something to aim for, and you can change course slightly along the way. Giving yourself a little structure allows you to plan the finances and practicalities.


  1. Pick a reliable and comfortable vehicle

There is nothing worse than breaking down on Route 66. Or anywhere else to be honest. Particularly in America, there are long stretches of road with no other cars to be seen. If you break down, you’re on your own, or you’re hitchhiking home. So, make sure you pick a reliable vehicle that won’t let you down. Don’t underestimate comfort either. Until you’ve spent eight hours in the same car you don’t know the pain! Ideally, the best option is buying a new travel trailer. That will give you plenty of room, and it’s reliable to boot.


  1. Travel in good company

Your road trip is only as good as the company you keep! A long trip is a real test of friendship, so you’ve got to get along well. Everyone gets tired, bored, and frustrated on a long road trip. It’s up to you to pick the right company. The best travel companions are laidback and easygoing. Things will often go wrong out on the road, and the last thing you want is panic and stress!


  1. Be spontaneous

Although we remind you to have a destination in mind, do embrace a little spontaneity. It’s what makes life exciting! If a particular turn-off looks intriguing, take it! If a local suggests a great spot, go and visit. Leave yourself open to new adventures and sites. Don’t stick to a tight schedule, but let yourself slowly float towards the destination.


  1. Take photos and a journal

Last of all, remember to take plenty of photos, and even a journal. You’ll want to capture every random moment, and remember it for years to come!


A road trip will take you on all sorts of wonderful adventures. Have you had a fantastic experience on the road? Let us know about it!

How to Manage Road Trips Expenses

How to Manage Road Trips Expenses

One thing that keeps many of us from heading out on a road trip is the belief that our car simply won’t be able to make the journey. It’s true that after a certain point in a vehicle’s life it’s a good idea to keep its journeys to a minimum, meaning even though you can happily (and safely) drive it to and from work every day, when it comes to heading out on a longer trip you should consider taking an alternative vehicle.

road trip
Photo credits: Marcin Wichary –


When you’re considering the expense of your road trip it may quickly occur to you that it’ll work our cheaper to lease a car rather than risk taking your old car out on a long journey. For affordable leasing plans, contact Leasing Option Ltd or a similar site to see what their rates are. Chances are you may be pleasantly surprised.

Of course, the cost of a leased vehicle isn’t going to be the only cost you’ll face over the duration of your road trip. In order to manage your expenses when you’re on the road, try and budget for the following costs before you even head out:


There’s one easy way to roughly budget for the amount of fuel you’ll need on your road trip, but in order to do so you’ll either have to ask the leasing company you’re leasing your car from how many miles it gets to the gallon, or you’ll have to lease it for a week or so ahead of your trip.

If you have to go with the latter option you should ensure the fuel tank is completely full before starting your experiment. Once it’s full, note the mileage figure shown on the car’s odometer and keep this number safe. Now you can use the car as normal, making sure you drive it around (whether to work or elsewhere) until it’s nearly empty. At this point you should check the car’s odometer again, and subtract the first number from the second number, giving you the number of miles you can roughly expect to achieve from a full tank.

With this information you can work out how many full tanks your leased car will need to complete your road trip, and thus work out a fairly accurate estimation of your road trip’s fuel cost.

Food (Your Fuel)

When you’re out on the road your cost of food (your own, personal fuel) is inevitably going to be higher than your food costs back home. Before heading out you should intend to manage your food expenses by:

–    Eating at cheaper restaurants: If you have the luxury of eating from several different places, always choose the most affordable.

–    Taking supermarket (and corner shop) food back to your hotel: If this is allowed you should shop at a nearby supermarket to take advantage of their lower prices, then take said food back to your hotel room to cook if you have a small kitchenette area.

Hotels and Lodging

Your hotel and lodging expenses when you’re on a road trip can sometimes be difficult to control due to your inability to know where you’re going to be ahead of time, meaning you’ll more often than not find yourself paying full price for last minute hotel rooms.

You’ll be able to keep some of your accommodation expenses down during your trip if you:

–    Occasionally sleep in your car,

–    Camp at registered, safe campsites whenever you’re near one,

–    Seek out cheap hostels rather than hotels.

Fun and Entertainment

Firstly, even though this is an article about managing your road trip expenses you should keep in mind that you’re allowed to enjoy yourselves, which is the very reason you were saving for a rainy aday in the first place.

Secondly, your fun and entertainment budget needn’t be large, but you should certainly put aside enough so you’re able to enjoy the local attractions of a city you stop in overnight, or catch a show on a whim if the mood takes you.

In conclusion, if you’ve finally decided to head out on a road trip in a leased vehicle you should take some time beforehand to figure out how you’re going to manage your expenses throughout the trip, putting special focus on your costs for fuel, food, hotels and lodging, and fun and entertainment.



Edward Luke is a freelance writer for Leasing Options, a company that has been delivering value and service for more than 23 years. They aim to provide clients with the best possible car rental deal.