Best Places to View Sunset Around the World

Best Places to View Sunset Around the World

Sunset is one of Mother Nature’s best light illustrations, the daily disappearance of the Sun below the horizon in the west is one of the best sights to watch during summertime.  My favorite time of the day, as I never cease to look up in the sky at the end of the day, as it gives me a delightful feeling to rest my weary mind and body.  The beautiful cloud formation with the red-orange rays of the sun as it goes down in the bright summer sky.

It is most superb to gaze a sunset at a beach or a shoreline as the light and color reflections over the sea is so beautiful. Sundown creates unique atmospheric conditions with the intense orange and red colors of the Sun and the surrounding sky. It  creates a very romantic mood too!

There are places in the world which experience neither sunset nor sunrise at least one day of the year like the north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle because the polar day or the polar night persists continuously for 24 hours in these locations.  So I am very lucky enough that I can look at it even at the back yard of our house, the mystic rays of the sun that brings magnificent sky colors which reminds me that another day is over and sunrise has yet to come the next day. To give thanks and praise for all the day’s blessings.

Let me show you some places wherein you can best watch a marvelous sunset alone or with your loved one.

sunset at Manila Bay from Flicker
Sunset at Pearl Farm Davao from DJ hobbies Studios


Sunset at Bantayan Island, Cebu from DJ Hobbies Studios
Sunset at Norway from
Sunset Over Georgian Bay, Canada, from Wikipedia
Sunset at Greece from
Sunset at Temple of Dawn Bangkok, Thailand from DJ Hobbies Studios
Sunset at Temple of Dawn Thailand from DJ Hobbies Studios
Sunset at Golden Bridge from
Sunset at Colombo Sri Lanka from

Beautiful isn’t it?



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