5 Unique Tourist Destinations for a Scenic Drive

5 Unique Tourist Destinations for a Scenic Drive

Australia is home to some of the most beautiful scenic drives in the world, but when travelers have seen all there is to see, what’s left? Luckily, there are numerous scenic drives all over the world that are equally or more enchanting than Australian drives in unique ways. Before the next holiday is planned, consider these five unique tourist destinations.

1. Western Desert, Egypt

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Cairo, Egypt provides some of the most ancient scenery compared to others locations around the world. Travelers will get to view the famous pyramids and spectacular oases such as Siwa, Kharga, and Dhakla. This desert drive runs along the River Nile. This historical river holds the key to how one of the greatest civilizations thrived. Some people often camp in this area to experience the way it once was in past times. The desert is peaceful, and it is an affordable way to holiday.  

2. Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotia is known for the Cabot Trail. Drivers get to view the most beautiful land and water scenery in the world. There are huge snow-capped mountains that are contrasted with lush green vegetation. Whale sightings are often the highlight along this road. Onlookers try not to miss this mesmerizing event. Margaree Valley and Cape Breton Highlands National Park can be viewed along the way. Many people stop and trek through this area.

3. Vermont

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Vermont has one of the greatest scenic drives in the world. Since there are no traffic signals on this route, drivers only have to stop when they want. The route is surrounded by the Green Mountain National Forest, and the view is beautiful. Small inns and antique shops can also be found along the way.

4. New Zealand: Milford to Fiordland

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New Zealand is just a short jaunt from Australia. The most scenic highway in New Zealand takes the driver from Milford to Fiordland. This scenic drive features majestic mountains that emerge from the water. The lush and thick vegetation line the highway road. Along the way, expect to find mesmerizing waterfalls and ferns. The rain forest is the most amazing scenic stop along the route.

5. Munnar, India

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Munnar features one of the most scenic and beautiful drives in India. Most people would not think of going to India for a scenic drive, but this drive is scenic because of the fresh tea leaves. The fragrant smell is in the air, and the road is bordered by various flora and fauna. The smell of spicy scents may also be smelled while traveling to the top of the mountain.

These Five Unique Tourist Destinations are Incredible

These scenic drives are not the ones we would most likely think of when planning scenic drives, but these are some of the best in the world. Before planning your next vacation, truly think of what you would want from a vacation. Then, consider these scenic drives and others as a spectacular way to view various regions of the world.

Mark Davis learnt to drive through My Driving School in Brisbane. He is now an active explorer and writes many blogs based on his experiences in foreign countries. After his thorough travels, Mark responds with the top 5 scenic tourist destinations for a scenic drive.

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