5 Must Have Items for Business Travelers

5 Must Have Items for Business Travelers

When travelling on a business trip we want to travel as light as possible. We don’t want to be lugging around more baggage than what we need, but also need to make sure that we have things that make our life easier and help us to feel at home wherever we are in the world. Here are 5 must have items for business travelers to have with them when they are on a trip.

Entertainment and fast charging power bank

Entertainment like watching movies or playing card and mind video games can make the hours fly past during a long flight or while you are waiting for your delayed flight. You don’t need to bring along your deck of cards to play your favorite classic solitaire as you can easily access and play it on solitaire.org just like watching movies or tv series on Netflix. The use of a fast charging power bank ensures that you never run out of battery life while you are travelling.

Having a portable go-to travel smartphone battery pack means that you don’t need to waste valuable time charging up at a café, or public electricity outlet while you are away from home.

Hand sanitiser

Nobody likes to get sick, and definitely not when you are travelling for business in this time of Covid-19 pandemic. When we are out and about, and coming into contact with all sorts of different people and places, there is a good chance of picking up a bug or two, if we don’t take care to wash our hands regularly. By carrying hand sanitiser we can always be sure of keeping our hands free of germs, even if we can’t get to a bathroom.

Slip-on Shoes

We all need to be looking our best for our business meetings and making a good impression with clients is so important. But what happens to our feet when we are not ‘on the clock’? Because our feet do so much work for us in our every day life we need to honour them when we are not working. On a long business flight, one thing we don’t want is to be wearing our work shoes, when it really isn’t necessary. Having a pair of slip on shoes for when we are on the plane is a great way of giving our feet a chance to ‘breathe’.

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Noise cancelling headphones

For many business travelers having a set of noise cancelling headphones is a must for taking on that business trip. Airports can sometimes be noisy places and it might impede our ability to utilise our precious time in getting a bit of extra work done while we are on the road. There’s no need to waste valuable time with noise cancelling headphones. These babies will ensure that no matter where you are, and what you are doing, you will be able to access and listen to your own sounds without being annoyed or interrupted by the noises around you.

Travel Pillow

If you need to keep your wits about you while travelling for business then you need to be getting enough sleep on those long flights. Travelling with your own U shaped pillow means that you will always have head support and can sleep wherever you are. The travel pillow cradles your neck and stops it from getting jolted if you have fallen asleep and get woken up suddenly. A must for business travelers.

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