7 Tips for a More Fun Family Travel with Kids

7 Tips for a More Fun Family Travel with Kids

It does not matter if it’s your first trip with your kids or your third or fourth, family travel with kids can be daunting and overwhelming especially when unpredictable situations happen. Family travel can be more fun, enlightening, and a memorable lifetime experience for children. However old your child is, a little preparation will go … Read more

How to Deal With Potential Trouble While Traveling

Travelling can be fun and educative. People get to see the world extraordinarily. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t find yourself in trouble. Some people will fall sick, while others will end up doing things that may be illegal. When this happens, there are specific steps you need to take to get you out … Read more

How To Live Like A Local In Paxi Island

Paxi is located about seven miles from the south of Corfu and twelve miles from Parga port. The island is known for its natural landscapes with its vegetation, exotic beaches, and remarkable shores. The beaches have excitingly clean emerald water ideal for swimming. While staying in Paxi Island, you would want to live like a … Read more

How To Pack For a Winter Vacation

Travelling in winter is like nothing else and depending where you are going it truly can be a winter wonderland. A lot of people will wonder what’s the point in all the effort just to go somewhere colder than here! It’s hard to imagine having holiday fun in a puffer jacket and a woolly hat, … Read more

Travelling in Style with A Motorhome

Whether you travel by car, plane or train, going someplace new is always exciting and can be full of adventure. Some people are spontaneous travelers with no plans in mind and no reservations at all. They enjoy the feeling of exploring a new place yet, if they run out of luck, finding appropriate lodgings can … Read more

5 Reasons To Visit Mongolia At This Time Of Year

The summer in Mongolia is hot, with temperatures peaking during the months of July and August, which happens to be the time when most foreigners visit. The height of the tourist season, July and August are best avoided, unless you want to pay top prices, that is. The best time to visit Mongolia is in … Read more