4 Tips to Protect Your Skin During Sunny Trips

The sun is right for you because it helps you to generate vitamin D. Too much sun, however, can damage your skin and lead to health issues. That’s why when you’re out there during a sunny trip; you need to protect your skin. Here are four tips we have for you to do this effectively. 

Protect Your Skin During Sunny Trips

Put On a Hat

Having a hat can go a long way in protecting your skin during a trip. Most of the time, during your trip, you will be walking uphill or in an open space. That means your head and face are going to be exposed to the heat and scourging sun. With a hat, you will be able to protect your hair, head, neck, and shoulder from the furry of the sun. Your eyes will also get some protection. So, when you’re preparing for your trip, find for yourself a quality hat. It’s a tool you can’t resist. 

Wear Sunglasses

Your eyes are the most vulnerable when you’re walking under the sun. To protect them, you will need to get quality sunglasses. They should be in your travel bag for any trip. Apart from protecting your eyes, sunglasses will also ensure less dust and other debris comes near your eyes. There are different types of sunglasses available online and in stores. You need to purchase the best UV protection sunglasses that block 99% to 100% of both UVA and UVB rays. 

The sunglasses must also have the ability to screen out 75% to 90% of visible light, and have lenses matched in color without any distortions. It would help if you also considered Polarized Shades because of their ability to remove glare so that you can see clearly. Before stepping out, make sure you have at least two of such sunglasses in your bag, even if it’s not sunny at the moment. Keep yourself ahead of the game with useful, fashionable, and protective sunglasses for your next trip. 

Use Sunscreen

You can’t go on a trip without having sunscreen in your bag. Sunscreen helps to block harmful UVB radiation to protect your skin from harm. Using sunscreen during a sunny trip is a top recommendation because it can help protect you against skin cancer. Many skin experts and professionals recommend it for people, especially those with very delicate skin. There are many sunscreen products out there based on the indication of their SPF levels. If you find yourself in need of more beauty and skincare products, take a look at fotopharmacy.com. Essentially, you should get a sunscreen with SPF 30 and above. There are sunscreens out there with SPF 100. What you need to know is that the more SPF they have, the higher the percentage of UVB they will be able to block. A sunscreen of SPF 50 is adequate for any skin types. 

Wear Long-Sleeved Clothing

If you’re a fashionable person, you can dress up in a way that will help protect your skin from the heat of the sun. One of the best ways to do this is to wear clothes with long sleeves. You may also need to wear pants that cover your legs or other parts of your body that will be exposed to the sun.


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