How To Pack For a Winter Vacation

Pack For a Winter Vacation

Travelling in winter is like nothing else and depending where you are going it truly can be a winter wonderland. A lot of people will wonder what’s the point in all the effort just to go somewhere colder than here! It’s hard to imagine having holiday fun in a puffer jacket and a woolly hat, but once you begin to experience the wonderful magic of a winter holiday you soon forget about clear waters and tropical sands. 

There is one big difference with a winter holiday, and that’s the stuff you need to take with you. Packing for a summer vacation is easy with lightweight and usually fewer garments, whereas a winter holiday requires multiple layers and thicker, heavier materials. To save you any winter packing drama we have laid out some helpful tips.

Wear The Heaviest When Travelling

One of the ways airlines like to squeeze a little more money out of you is by charging heavily if your suitcase exceeds the weight limit. One way to avoid this happening is by wearing your heaviest clothes when you travel, as there is no strict limit to this. 

One Of Everything

Most of your winter clothing will be quite heavy and made of a thick material so only taking one of each item is advisable. The one of each rule should apply to all outer wear including jumpers and cardigans, check the weather and make sure what you are taking is weather appropriate and can stand up to the climate, as no matter how cold it is in the day the night will always bring colder weather. 

Hats, Scarves, Gloves

When the weather is cold and snowy a hat and scarf is an absolute must if you want to stay dry and avoid catching a cold. You will need to keep your digits warm too, so make sure you have packed a few pairs of gloves with one pair for everyday use. Hat’s gloves and scarves are a great way to add some colour and patterns to your outfits. You could always have your own personalised by Banana Moon Clothing to make a real statement piece.

how to pack For a Winter Vacation

Mix and Match

Due to packing space being limited, make sure you can mix and match you outfits, so put a bit of time trying on your outfits and making sure they are coordinated, this way you get maximum convenience in a small selection of clothes, you won’t waste any time seeing what does and doesn’t work too! A great way to ensure your outfits are coordinated is by deciding and staying within a colour scheme. You can base this around specific garments or vice versa, but try and keep the patterns and accent colours to your hat, scarves and gloves. 

It’s How You Pack

This one is really important for any packing exercise, but especially so when space is in high demand. There are a hundred different ways to fold and pack to make the most of a limited space, so be sure to check out some packing videos to see how you can fold a t shirt to be smaller than a tin of beans!  


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