Sinfully Scrumptious Interior Décor

Sinfully Scrumptious Interior Décor

No matter what kind of restaurant you eat in, the food and the decoration have to marry perfectly and eloquently to make the experience memorable and worthwhile. Granted, you can experience great food in a poorly decorated restaurant and likewise, but it all adds to the experience when every part of the restaurant is on the same planet.

This, to an extent, is what Red Hot World Buffet manages in Leeds, England. Now, you might find it strange that this is a review of the interior décor of a buffet restaurant, but this restaurant Leeds has to offer is worth a bit of discussion.

For a buffet restaurant, Red Hot really lives up to its name when it comes to decoration. The sharp contrast between the black and red has an almost sinful edge to it – rather apt when you consider absolute gluttony that such restaurants promote.

This isn’t like any old buffet restaurant. It’s immediately noticeable that a lot of thought and effort has gone into decorating this place. While it’s perhaps not to everybody’s tastes, even if the world selection of food is, it certainly makes a lasting impression.

There’s a quite unexpected (yet expected when you think about it) feature to this restaurant in Leeds. It’s the only restaurant that springs to mind that has an airplane in it. That’s right, as cheesy as it might sound, this Red Hot World Buffet simulates the interior of an airplane (run by none other than Red Hot Airways) as it leads you to the multicultural and international delights of a world buffet.

This can be experienced in Google’s indoor tour feature right here, in case you’re interested

The actual eating area of the restaurant is perhaps not as striking as the bar and waiting areas (this is a buffet and bar, not just a buffet), but it creates an ambience that combines friendly and relaxed dining with the childish excitement of stuffing your face with every little bit of food that you can eat.

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