The Ultimate Guide to America by 3 Famous Travellers

The Ultimate Guide to America by 3 Famous Travellers

America has always been a coveted destination by travellers, mainly because each area has something unique to offer. Some of the most famous travellers, whom we all admire, have explored and written about the greatest places in America, and it’s those writings that gave us the inspiration for this article. Here’s the ultimate guide to travelling America, from the people who did it best.

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Jack Kerouac

The beat poet, author and traveller Jack Kerouac is probably best known for his journeys across America, which were documented in the book ‘On The Road’. Right at the beginning of the book, main character Sal meets the ‘excited with life’ Dean Moriarty, who both decide to take a trip to San Francisco. The pair are looking for a way to leave their normal hustle and bustle behind, which is the reason so many travellers pack up and head off. With just $50 to his name, Sal hitchhikes across America to reach his destination. If you want to experience the USA just like Kerouac did then consider overnight buses, a giant backpack of essentials and cheap hotels in San Francisco. If you’re anything like this hardened traveller, you may never want to return to normality again.

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Hunter S Thompson

One of the most famous journalists of his time, Hunter S Thompson, had a penchant for travelling and experiencing America unlike any other. Those who have seen ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ will best know Thompson, played by Johnny Depp, as a slightly neurotic man with a passion for debauchery. Raoul Duke (Hunter S Thompson) and Dr. Gonzo (Oscar Acosta) drive the long road of Route 66 in an American muscle car, before enjoying all of that Las Vegas has to offer. If you want to travel just like Hunter S Thompson then hire a 1971 Chevrolet Impala and drive the length of Route 66 to get your destination. When in Las Vegas, make sure you party hard and visit some of the most famous clubs, including Circus Circus which is featured in the Fear and Loathing book and film. Just leave the suitcase full of narcotics at home, unless you want to experience American prison.

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Christopher Columbus

We couldn’t give you the America travelling manifesto without including the man who is most famed for stepping foot on American soil. Columbus was an Italian traveller who first took to the seas in 1492 on a quest to discover what life was like across the ocean. Although he wasn’t the first traveller to discover America, he was the first to make several round trips in order to discover more about this fascinating place. Christopher Columbus visited several places in South America between 1492 and 1502 with a brief trip to Central America during his fourth and final voyage. If you want to explore America just like Columbus then consider booking a South American cruise along the coastline. If you would prefer something a little less luxury then sail across the ocean to Central America and backpack your way down from Colombia to the very tip of Argentina.


Three of the most famous people to travel around America; using three completely different methods. Which traveller do you aspire to be like most?



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  1. Just Christopher Columbus I knew of during my high school years, but the 2 never heard of it. And, the way I’ve learned about his voyage and expedition, I liked his method of travelling while exploring.

  2. The only person I know here is Christopher Columbus. I wish to travel around the word someday and I hope that dream to happened. Been to only three Asian countries and planning to explore more parts of Asia soon.

  3. ahhhh! Columbus.. the guy who is mentioned in Philippines’ history. US is a great place to explore because each States has something remarkable to bargain

  4. I got familiar with Columbus during my elementary years. It’s good to know their different methods of traveling and I would be delighted to experience any of these.

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