Wine tour at Cape Winelands

Planning a trip to South Africa?  Don’t miss to book a wine tour at Cape Winelands. Take advantage of the  Franschhoek Wine Tram hop-on hop-off tour to discover the picturesque vine yards’ spectacular scenery, feel the warm hospitality, fine wine tasting and world-class cuisines.

Cape winelands

The Cape Winelands is situated in the Western Cape Province located in the south-western tip of the African continent. It is known as one of the “pearls” of South Africa’s rural and small-town sub-regions. The district that offers visitors a one-of-a-kind experience while roaming around the wine farms. 

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Calaguas: Paradise Beach Camp South of Manila


Only six hours away by bus from Manila, you can reach the town of Daet, Camarines Norte’s capital and considered to be the gateway of Bicol region. Just a few years back, Camarines Norte was not very popular, it was even a bit sleepy being away from the well-known tourist track. It was not until more and more backpackers and travelers opted for the off-beaten track that a paradise island off the coast of Camarines Norte was re-discovered.

Calaguas is a small island with creamy white sand that can compete with the more popular Boracay Island. This paradise island charmed many tourist and travels locally and internationally with its super fine white sand and lovely turquoise waters. 

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Relaxing Fun at the Best Campgrounds Around the World

Family camping is an awe-inspiring experience for the whole family that brings relaxing fun and exciting adventure.  If you are planning to camp out and sleep outdoors with your family, here are suggested beautiful campgrounds around the world.


Great Ocean Road Tourist Park, Australia

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The Great Ocean Road Tourist Park is best known as one of the world’s most scenic drives. It  is located on the banks of the Curdies River inlet in Great Ocean Road in Peterborough Victoria, Australia.

The sandy river is ideal for kids sand-play, the river is safe for swimming for all ages, sailboarding, boating, fishing and other activities such as bird watching, beach combing, cycling and hiking opportunities. Kids will definitely enjoy their jumping pillow and playground. 

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The Ultimate Guide to America by 3 Famous Travellers

America has always been a coveted destination by travellers, mainly because each area has something unique to offer. Some of the most famous travellers, whom we all admire, have explored and written about the greatest places in America, and it’s those writings that gave us the inspiration for this article. Here’s the ultimate guide to travelling America, from the people who did it best.

image credit: Devin Smith on Flickr

Jack Kerouac

The beat poet, author and traveller Jack Kerouac is probably best known for his journeys across America, which were documented in the book ‘On The Road’. Right at the beginning of the book, main character Sal meets the ‘excited with life’ Dean Moriarty, who both decide to take a trip to San Francisco. The pair are looking for a way to leave their normal hustle and bustle behind, which is the reason so many travellers pack up and head off. With just $50 to his name, Sal hitchhikes across America to reach his destination. If you want to experience the USA just like Kerouac did then consider overnight buses, a giant backpack of essentials and cheap hotels in San Francisco. If you’re anything like this hardened traveller, you may never want to return to normality again.

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No Fuss Family Holiday with Vacation Packages

Family vacation can be such an exciting moment that everyone looks forward to. But this is not the case for the person tasked to do all the planning and arrangement. Whatever activities your family wish to have, it can be easily arranged without all the stress and hassle of planning and implementing. Vacation packages for … Read more

South Africa: A Travel Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is South Africa’s most famous figure in its history. His life was a constant struggle to help change his beloved nation for the better, moving away from the segregation the black community faced every day and creating a democratic country.

When travelling to South Africa, you can explore some of the attractions around the country that have been significant in his life, although you will need to travel far and wide to see them all. Here is a guide to some of the best ones.

Robben Island

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A Romantic Evening in Paris

The occasion was my first marriage anniversary, so it had to be something special, to rekindle the affection and love that we have for each other. My wife is fond of surprises and I manage to leave her awestruck every time I plan something. But this time it had to be different, something which she would cherish telling her grandchildren with that beautiful smile that adorns her face every time I express how much I love her.

image by agawdilim on Flickr

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How To Pack a Weekend Travel Bag

To de-stress from a week-long work pressure and anxiety, some individuals and families opt for weekend travels to relax and refresh their mind and body. Nowadays, staycation is trending which makes an increasing number of travel-loving individuals, weekend adventurers and city slickers. If you constantly travel, you will realize the joy of having a little piece of weekend travel bag that packs everything you need for a two-day sojourn. Whether it’s a trek up the mountainous area of Batangas or a cultural exploration in Cebu, you will need several pieces of clothing and of course, a trusty toiletry pack that will make life a lot easier wherever you go.

weekend travel

When packing for a weekend trip, consider the destination so that you can pack your stuff properly. Ideally a 26 to 30 liter daypack will accommodate everything that light travelers need. For a hike or an outdoor adventure, bring extra change of dri-fit or lightweight clothing. Don’t forget waterproofing cases for your gadget and skin protection such as sun block, a cap or a baklava too. Exploring the city or spending a quiet weekend at the beach calls of even lighter packing. Sun dresses, swim suits, shorts and tank tops are essential. 

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Young, Free and Single? 8 Holiday Destinations for Party Goers

You’re young, good looking and bored of your local town’s slightly depressing nightlife scene, which consists of couple of grotty clubs that everyone packs into and a handful of pubs dominated by grumpy old men. Surely it must get better than this?

It does.

Modern travel is cheap and almost entirely painless compared to in the not-so-distant past. Since the fall of communism in the early 90’s, large parts of the world, which were previously out of bounds, have opened up to tourism and countries now compete to welcome visitors in their droves. Whereas once the youth of society had to content themselves with dressing as either Mods or Rockers and scrapping by the seaside, today’s singletons can escape Britain’s sodden, wind-swept town centres and focus on what they really want. Having fun. If you know that you want to get away from the UK but are uncertain of where to go, take a look at this list of 8 of the best destinations for dance-mad clubbers.

1. Lagos, Portugal

For endless beach parties, amazing water sports and all night drinking, Lagos takes some beating. Your Mum would want you to take plenty of Factor 30, because it’s going to be hot!

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Why Bother Getting Travel Insurance?

That vacation you’re about to take is supposed to get rid of your stress, but if your travel plans go awry, it might actually cause you stress!  That is, unless you have travel insurance.

Travel insurance isn’t required for you to step foot on a plane or ship, but getting it is a really good idea!  Without it, you risk getting hit with expensive medical bills, paying for everything you lost when the airline misplaced your luggage, and even footing the bills for plane mishaps.

Think about it — if you go to a foreign country on vacation, your regular medical insurance may not cover you.  What happens if you get sick or injured?  What if you need to get home in an air ambulance?  Before you know it, you could rack up tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses!

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