A Romantic Evening in Paris

A Romantic Evening in Paris

The occasion was my first marriage anniversary, so it had to be something special, to rekindle the affection and love that we have for each other. My wife is fond of surprises and I manage to leave her awestruck every time I plan something. But this time it had to be different, something which she would cherish telling her grandchildren with that beautiful smile that adorns her face every time I express how much I love her.

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So I chose the perfect destination, the city of romance, Paris for a perfect anniversary celebration. For the first time, I found myself in a fix while deciding the destination for an occasion as special as this. The other day, a friend had mentioned Concierge.com to get the most out of travelling and trips. Though skeptical at first, I decided to give it a try and within 5 minutes I knew what I wanted. I was tempted to opt for dinner at the picturesque Eiffel tower and cruise on the Seine river. With the availability of free voucher codes, the entire booking process was hassle free and I was waiting for the final day. A fantastic offer which included 30 day access to online French lessons in addition to a Privilege discount card also came packed in with the deal.

The entire process was a breeze and I also checked out similar packages. Indeed, if you are planning a vacation to Paris, then this is the website you would certainly want to check out. Whether you want to plan a budget vacation or tours by day/night, you have a plethora of choices. We had a sumptuous dinner at the Eiffel tower followed by the magical cruise which has given us a reason to visit Paris again avail the services of Concierge.com. After all, it’s indeed heartwarming to make your loved one feel how special she is to you!

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